Why Get Your Medical Card?


At Charm City Medicus, we are proud to be the first dispensary in Maryland to offer unique daily specials. Every Monday at CCM is "Medical Card Monday." Patients who show their MMCC-issued medical card 10% off their entire purchase. Purchasing a $50 Medical Card from the MMCC is completely optional and not required to visit a dispensary or purchase your medicine. However, we offer our Medical Card Monday discount to encourage our patients to invest in this form of patient identification. 

Though cannabis is legal in the state of Maryland, the federal government unfortunately still classifies marijuana as an illegal drug. In the event you are ever found in the possession of purchased medical cannabis, an MMCC-issued medical card will protect your rights as patients and make things easier for law enforcement to know you are a legal medical cannabis patient. 

At Charm City Medicus, we believe in safe, responsible healing. While not required, purchasing your MMCC medical card is one extra precautionary measure to ensure your safety and well-being as a patient. You can purchase your card on the MMCC site and we look forward to offering 10% off your purchase every Monday at CCM!

Jennifer Culpepper