MMCC Purchase Availability Now Available!

Exciting news! As a registered medical cannabis patient, you can now log into your MMCC account to check the your purchasing limit for each 30-day period. This is extremely helpful for patients to keep track of their purchases and treatment plan! 

The 30-day purchase limit is a regulation set by the MMCC. Upon visiting a participating physician for a certification to purchase medical cannabis, the physician will evaluate your symptoms and determine the amount of dried flower and THC you're allowed to purchase in a 30 day period. The standard amount is 120g dried flower and 36g THC. However, your provider may recommend more or less given the severity of your ailments. The limit is calculated as a rolling 30-day limit — the amount that you purchase today is calculated as the amount certified minus the total of all purchases in the last 30 days. 

While dried flower is measured in weight by grams, processed products, such as oils, pills, lotions and transdermal patches are measured by grams THC. 

To log into your account to check your amount availability, click here

Jennifer Culpepper