New Strain Sunday: Clementine


What a crazy week! Thanks to one last surprise from Mother Nature, we entered the second day of Spring with the biggest snow storm of the season. We're calling a "do-over" and celebrating a sunny weekend with a sweet and citrusy strain for New Strain Sunday: Clementine! 

Perfect for daytime use, Clementine is a sativa-dominant strain from our friends at ForwardGro. This delicious smelling strain will get you up and on-the-go, giving you a boost of happiness and energy. While providing a sense of relaxation, Clementine allows you to remain focused so you can still tackle your Sunday "to-do" list. This strain is suitable for treating depression, stress and fatigue. 

Stop in this Sunday, 10am - 8pm. Featured strains on New Strain Sunday are 10% off!

Jennifer Culpepper