Mental Health Awareness Month


Did you know May is Mental Health Awareness Month? Today, the most common mental illness in the United States stems from anxiety disorders, with an an estimated 40 million American adults affected each year. While Benzodiazepines are often prescribed to treat anxiety and panic attacks, their side effects can negatively affect patients and dependency can lead to overdoses. It's no surprise then, that medical cannabis is becoming increasingly popular among patients who suffer from symptoms related to mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety.

Sativa-dominant strains are suitable for treating depression thanks to their energizing, uplifting and mood boosting effects. However, THC can actually induce anxiety, so patients should be mindful of strains high in THC. Patients looking to treat anxiety should consider strains that provide a nice balance of THC and CBD.

Indica strains on the other hand, are known for their calming and relaxing effects, which are suitable for treating anxiety. Both indica and sativa dominant strains have plenty of anecdotal evidence in treating symptoms related to PTSD, including anxiety, depression and insomnia. 

Though further research is needed, there have been quite a few promising studies showing how cannabis can positively treat symptoms related to various mental illnesses. Our knowledgable pharmacists and dispensary agents at Charm City Medicus can help point patients in the right direction to strains and products that will best treat various symptoms

Jennifer Culpepper