Men's Health Week


Each year, Men's Health Month is celebrated in June and as a part of it, Men's Health Week is celebrated the week leading up to Father's Day. Men's Health Month is significant, as it helps to spread awareness and early detection of preventable health issues associated with men and boys. Across the country, various medical organizations hold screenings, health fairs and public outreach events to encourage men to seek treatment for preventable diseases, illnesses and injuries. 

The healing power of medical cannabis can be effective in treating a wide variety of symptoms and illnesses common among men, including male-specific cancers, such as prostate, lung and colorectal cancer. A 2015 study published in Oncology Reports showed significant evidence that cannabis can be successful in treating prostate cancer. Additionally, several studies have determined that CBD can help reduce anxiety, depression and symptoms related to PTSD. 

At Charm City Medicus, we offer a wide variety of products and medical cannabis strains. Our dispensary agents and on-site pharmacist will be happy to speak with you regarding a treatment plan that works best for your needs! 

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Jennifer Culpepper