Using Medical Cannabis to Treat Psoriasis


August is Psoriasis Awareness Month and Charm City Medicus is dedicated to helping patients treat this autoimmune skin disease that effects as many as 7.5 million Americans of all ages. Those with psoriasis develop raised red and scaly patches on the skin. It most often affects areas on the skin and joints, such as the elbows, knees and scalp. However, it can appear on nearly any location and can often be found on hands, arms, feet and legs. Psoriasis flares up when the immune system is triggered, sending to faulty signals that result in the painful, itchy patches. 

In recent years, medical cannabis has become a popular alternative to prescription medication in treating this painful skin disease. Studies have shown that thanks to cannabinoids interacting with the endocannabinoid system, cannabis can reduce inflammation and itching, as well as slow down the rapid growth of cells. A 2007 study published in the Journal of Dermatological Science examined how variety of cannabinoids, including CBD, can slow down the proliferation of skin cells during a flare-up. Additionally, CBD — the non-psychoactive component found in cannabis — produces an anti-inflammatory response to the skin. Evidence suggests that CBD and other cannabinoids applied directly to the skin are successful in treating psoriasis and other skin conditions, such as eczema. 

While scientists and medical researches aren't exactly sure what causes psoriasis, they do know that the immune system and genetics affect development. In addition to depression and anxiety, psoriasis is often linked to other conditions and illnesses, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. If you think you might have psoriasis, we encourage you to consult with your physician or dermatologist. 

At Charm City Medicus, we offer a variety of topicals, transdermal patches and infused lotions that have been known to treat psoriasis. On "Therapy Thursdays” receive 10% off on all topicals and tinctures in stock! Our dispensary agents and on-site pharmacists will be happy to answer any questions about our products, so that we can help you feel happier, healthier and more confident! 


Jennifer Culpepper