End of September Shake 'N Bake


What better way to say goodbye to September than another great Shake ‘N Bake Sunday at Charm City Medicus! Our team is always excited to offer affordable high-quality shake (small buds) to our amazing patients.

On Sunday, September 30, our pre-packaged shake is on sale — 7 grams for $40! Overflow parking is available next door in the Tint World parking lot, so please park in that lot if our lot is full. Some of the included strains for this week include…

gSpot by gLeaf
LA Chocolate by gLeaf
Guice by Curio
Bubba OG by Liberty
Conspiracy Kush by SunMed Growers
Cannatonic (CBD) by Curio

Sour Diesel by gLeaf

Northern Lights by Curio
Bubba Kush by Curio
Space Dawg by SunMed Growers
Blue Cheese by gLeaf

Jennifer Culpepper