Celebrate 710 at Charm City Medicus


Move over 420, the second best cannabis holiday is finally here! Also known as Oil Day or Dab Day, 710 is celebrated on July 10th. While many are familiar with 4/20 and the festivities associated with the popular cannabis holiday, 7/10 has in recent years become widely known thanks to the quality of concentrated cannabis options in the market.

710 is the number associated with cannabis oils, concentrates and extracts because when you turn the numbers upside down, it appears to read “OIL.” At Charm City Medicus, we have a wide variety of concentrates from Maryland processors and to celebrate, we a lineup of specials available this Wednesday, July 10th at our Baltimore-area dispensary:

ALL gLeaf, Curio, Liberty and Prime 510 Threaded Cartridges (.5g)*
1 cart: $45/each
2 carts: $40/each
3 carts or more: $35/each

ALL gLeaf Budders and Crumbles (1g)*

ALL Culta Shatter (1g)*


*No other discounts apply.


Jennifer Culpepper