New Strain Sunday: Blue Chem


Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, which means it’s going to be a busy (and perhaps stressful) holiday week. Stop into Charm City Medicus this Sunday, November 18 for a strain crafted exclusively for Maryland patients that offers an energizing, yet calming experience.

This week’s menu addition is Blue Chem, a sativa-dominant hybrid from our friends at SunMed Growers. With the genetics of Blue Dream x Tangerine x Chem 4, Blue Chem offers a lovely blend of fruity, sour and piney notes. It also has a heavy dose of Myrcene, which is beneficial in treating pain, muscle aches and insomnia. Blue Chem has been known to produce a sense of euphoria, creativity, and may treat appetite loss and pain relief. 

Blue Chem is 10% off this Sunday, 9am - 9pm. Hope to see you this weekend!

Jennifer Culpepper