New Strain Sunday: Grape Gorilla


What a week! We celebrated St. Patrick's day all week long with our Mix & Match special and launched our "March Reefer Madness" Tournament of Strains! What better way to close out an action packed celebratory week with a brand new strain for New Strain Sunday: Grape Gorilla.

Grape Gorilla comes from the amazing growers at Liberty and is an indica strain known for its purple hue. The strain has a delicious aroma and a slight taste of grapes and berries. As an indica-dominant strain, Grape Gorilla provides a calming relaxation and has been known to reduce stress, anxiety and pain. 

Come in tomorrow 10-8pm and receive 10% off on Grape Gorilla for New Strain Sunday! We hope you had a safe and fun St. Patrick's Day and we look forward to seeing you soon.  

Jennifer Culpepper